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Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses services offered in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

Contact Lenses services offered in the greater Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY area

Contact lenses eliminate glasses and give you sharp vision and today’s advanced lenses are incredibly comfortable, too. Ophthalmology Associates of Bay Ridge physician Felicia Donnolo, OD, provides contact lens exams and help you choose the best vision correction options in their New York office in the Bay Ridge area in Brooklyn. Dr. Donnolo can be reached at (718) 238-3937 to schedule a contact lens evaluation.

Contact Lenses Q & A

Should I get contact lenses or glasses?

Contact lenses and glasses each have advantages, so making a choice may be difficult. A few reasons that you might choose contacts include:

  • Improved peripheral (side) vision
  • Easy to wear for an active lifestyle, like during contact sports
  • Preference for appearance without glasses

On the other hand, glasses are easy to wear, don’t require frequent replacement, and shield your eyes from dust and debris. 

If you’re having trouble deciding, you can choose both. You might keep contacts for your active days and glasses for the other times. Also, it’s good to have a backup pair of glasses if you experience dry, sore, red, or otherwise irritated eyes. 

Can I get contact lenses with a comprehensive eye exam? 

A comprehensive eye exam checks your eye health and vision and provides a refractive exam that helps you get a new prescription for eyeglasses. However, contact lens prescriptions are different. 

For contact lens prescriptions, you need a specialized exam to determine the correct contact type for your unique eye measurements. If you plan to get contact lenses, the team can add the contact exam to your routine comprehensive exam so you don’t have to book two separate appointments. 

How do you take care of contact lenses?

Contact lens care, for the most part, is quite simple and easy today, but it does vary with the type of lens you choose. Many lenses are daily disposables; you throw them away at the end of each day. 

Other lenses can last a week, a few weeks, or a month. You should remove these lenses at night, soak them in saline solution, then rinse them again before placing them in your eye. Be sure to dispose of your lenses at the designated time, as they’re not for extended wear.

Some lenses are made for continuous wear, even overnight. But, it’s critical to closely follow all guidelines you’re given for extended lens wear because sleeping in contacts increases your risk of infection up to eightfold.

Ophthalmology Associates of Bay Ridge provides complete contact lens care from premier professionals. Call the office or schedule your appointment online today. 

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