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Red Eyes

Red Eyes services offered in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

Red Eyes services offered in the greater Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY area

Sudden red eye development could be due to various causes, a few of which may threaten your sight. If you develop red eyes, visit board-certified eye doctors Elias Aliprandis, MD, and Irene Rusu, MD, at Ophthalmology Associates of Bay Ridge in Brooklyn, New York. They diagnose and treat all red eye causes, including conjunctivitis, uveitis, dry eye, and corneal damage. Call the office today to book your appointment or request a consultation by completing the online booking form.

Red Eyes Q & A

Why do I have red eyes?

The most common red-eye causes include:

Conjunctivitis (pink eye) is inflammation of the conjunctiva — the clear membrane covering the white part of your eye. A bacterial or viral infection, allergies, or exposure to toxic substances can cause conjunctivitis.

Dry eye 
Tears contain lubricating oils that protect the eye surfaces. If the quality or quantity of tears is insufficient, the eye surface becomes red, dry, and irritated.

Blepharitis is eyelid and/or eyelash root inflammation due to bacterial infection or clogged glands.

Subconjunctival hemorrhage
A subconjunctival hemorrhage develops when a small blood vessel in the white part of your eye ruptures.

Eye injuries 
A corneal abrasion (scratched cornea surface) is a common eye injury. They usually heal quickly, without permanent damage, but there’s a risk of infection.

Corneal ulcer or infection 
A corneal infection is a problem that could cause significant sight loss without prompt treatment. Contact lens wearers are more at risk of corneal ulcers and infections.

Contact lenses
Wearing contact lenses daily or for an extended period can cause dryness and red eyes in some people. A few people can’t tolerate contact lenses at all without redness.

Uveitis is inner eye inflammation. It can cause complications like glaucoma and scarring without treatment.

Acute angle-closure glaucoma
Acute angle-closure glaucoma causes painful redness, usually in one eye, and is a serious medical emergency that requires immediate treatment.

Eye drops
Repeated whitening eye drop use can cause blood vessel dilation, making the eyes appear bloodshot. In addition, patients may develop allergies to chronic eye disorder medications like glaucoma drops.

What other symptoms might I get with red eyes?

Symptoms that may accompany red eye include:

  • Discharge or crustiness
  • Eye discomfort
  • Blurry vision
  • Eye itching
  • Visual changes
  • Eye pain
  • Significant irritation
  • Foreign body sensation
  • Tearing
  • Floaters
  • Light sensitivity

If you experience prolonged pain and redness in one of your eyes, contact Ophthalmology Associates of Bay Ridge immediately.

How are red eyes treated?

Red eye treatment varies depending on the cause but could include:

  • Antibiotic drops
  • Artificial tears
  • Cool compresses
  • Allergy drops
  • Anti-inflammatory drops
  • Punctal plugs for dry eye
  • Eyelid scrubs
  • Stopping or changing eye drops
  • Eyelid surgery

You might need to take a break from contact lenses and switch your contact lens solution/brand.

Call Ophthalmology Associates of Bay Ridge if you have red eyes, or book an appointment online today.